How to prevent Malicious Malware Attacks in MySQL

Are you one of those who suffered hard drive problem? If you are one of those millions visitors of website then you must be naive on what was happening lately to MySQL, this website is infected by the malware virus. This virus will hit your hard drive and will damage your computer unnoticed.

My serves more than 12 million people. The Virus that was inserted by the hackers is not just a minor problem, this virus are extremely mean and would get information in your background. You don’t need to receive something to have this virus; no more clicking, no more mails in your email account the malware with defect you. Because it is so malicious and by simply visiting the site your hard drive will permanently damage. There are only few services that offers protection against the malware, it’s 6 out of the 43 services are able to detect this malware. If you don’t have this then probably malware is eating your hard drive right now. Better check and clean your devices as soon as possible, you might lose your important files because the hard drive was broken.

The Black Hole Exploit Pack was the administrative access to carry out the hack and will inject the exploits. During the hacker forum, the Black Hole Pack was sold $3,000 USD. Quite Expensive but this is the passion they get. My computer is protected from the malware attacks, because it warns me. Is your computer safe from such sudden attack?
If we could see the owner of the is the Oracle Corporation, in which Oracle Corp is also the owner of the Java. The Krebs on Security warned and advised the people already to avoid Java because this software suite numerous security problems and if the security had a problem so as well the updates of the system. Did you listen to Krebs piece of advised or you are one of those ignoring the warning?

To prove to you that is defected by this malicious virus, the malware. See the video that that was acted out live by Armorize.