Windows Blue Screen of Death Fix

Nothing is more annoying and frustrating than having your computer system crash down — just when you are very much into doing your work because you have a deadline to meet.

Oh yes, that is just too possible if you’re using an outdated windows system — and even when you’re using the newest windows platforms, tools and APIs, the windows BsOD is something that at times is not correctible.

A little bit on Windows 8. A preview of Windows 8 will show the user that the operating system still has the fundamental features of Windows 7.

The newest OS from Microsoft still share the speed, reliability, security and compatibility qualities of Windows7, making it part of the best operating systems Microsoft has ever programmed.

Other than these features, this OS is built for new touch-optimized interface, with a platform based on new modern web standards.

Windows 8 interface also emphasizes Metro style – something that makes things more fluid, easy to access, simple. Using such OS, you may not need to frequently remember data and where you’ve filed them. Everything can be located immediately as all start with the new start screen system.

All these, are delivered by Microsoft to accommodate the changing landscape of social technologies.

Despite the fact that Windows8 has been created to make things easier for the user, Microsoft still probably has not solved the concerns regarding BsOD cases, for which Microsoft is considered to be infamous for.

What’s new with the BsOD however is that the screen does not just go blue and deliver incomprehensible messages when the OS is about to crash, the screen displays a sad face as well – making things look like Windows 8 is sympathizing with the fact that you are probably about to lose all the information you have stored into the system.

Aside from the sad face, written on the screen too is a simpler message stating that you ran into a problem and you must reboot things.

Compared to the original message asking you a whole lot of things that you do not understand at all, this one’s making things simple for you.

But really, what is so simple about the fact that you’ve just lost some information? Nothing.

How to shutdown computer from your phone

Electronic gadgets are one of the wonderful things that technology has brought unto us. We can see that almost everywhere these highly advanced devices are being used by people from different walks of life. Truly, these things are helpful in creating fun, entertainment, functionality, portability, convenience and practicality.

But we can’t deny that these things also have negative effects in our environment. Not only that it’s one of the contributor for damage in the environment, it is also causes us to consume a lot of energy. Good thing, some brilliant people have chosen to develop some solutions for the problem.

Let me introduce to you the iShutdown app!

ishutdown app

Apparently, this application is a power saving app as it can save the use of energy by automatically shutting down devices that are not in use. Vlad Polyanskiy the creator of iShutdown app and the administrator of iShutdown forum site is great in developing a unique solution specifically for Mac and PC.

As posted at the ishutdown site, your problems with turning off and starting on again with your Mac device is no longer a problem now. With just a tap, you can easily shutdown and restart your device. It also supports those devices in 3G or Wi-fi. With its automatic scanning ability, it will look for hosts of local networks that are available for you.

You can get this app in either of the two options, one is via iTunes App Store and the other is by installing ishutdown’s server software. For downloading via iTunes, it cost you for only $0.99 under the Utilities category.

On one hand, if you choose to get this app by download and install its server software, it requires OS X Snow Leopard version 10.6.5 or newer for OS X while Windows XP, Vista or 7 for Windows. Moreover, it also requires .NET Framework and Bonjour to be installed, but if you already got iTunes, you no longer need to install Bonjour.

So, if you want to know more of the details of iShutdown app, you can visit either iTunes or iShutdown site.

How to optimize your Websites for Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have not only risen to heights in the past years but are rather extremely considered now to possibly take over the PC world. Naturally, it can be said then that these modern days have given people internet access that are beyond the walls of their homes and offices. Now they can enjoy their web experiences through using their mobile devices.
Under these conditions then, it might be good to consider if your website – if you are in the said business, will have its own mobile version. This will not only give your website an online PC image but as well as a mobile face too. You might have doubts because converting your site into its mobile version can be a hefty and expensive process, but try to browse over the following services first; they offer cheap but quality website conversions.

mobiSiteGalore. This service is said to be the most convenient and easy web builder that can allow users to build a mobile version of their site that’s already fully functional. A good thing with this service too is that it can support low end mobile phones.

mofuse. This service gives you a choice to either build your site on your own or hire someone to build your site for you if you don’t have the time to personally do things.

bMobilized. With more than 13,000 supported mobile devices, you won’t need to worry then if your site can really be accessed through mobile phones. Furthermore, you get a discount when you’ll use the service when converting several sites.

ConvertWebsite. What’s good with this service is that, it determines first the best redesigning approach applicable to the PSD file of the website being converted.

Mobify. For those who are in e-commerce, it provides the best service imagined. It has HTML5 features and its experts will redesign the site according to client preference.

onbile. If you are really in a haste to convert your website into its mobile version, use onbile and get things done with only 3 steps in 5 minutes.

Mobile App America. This one is for free and gives better SEO opportunities for the website. But again, it supports limited devices too.

MobStac. This is one of the few services that provide an in-depth monetization plan for mobile sites. This is also HTML5-enabled and supports a variety of themes. However, a backlog is in Beta