How to optimize your Websites for Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have not only risen to heights in the past years but are rather extremely considered now to possibly take over the PC world. Naturally, it can be said then that these modern days have given people internet access that are beyond the walls of their homes and offices. Now they can enjoy their web experiences through using their mobile devices.
Under these conditions then, it might be good to consider if your website – if you are in the said business, will have its own mobile version. This will not only give your website an online PC image but as well as a mobile face too. You might have doubts because converting your site into its mobile version can be a hefty and expensive process, but try to browse over the following services first; they offer cheap but quality website conversions.

mobiSiteGalore. This service is said to be the most convenient and easy web builder that can allow users to build a mobile version of their site that’s already fully functional. A good thing with this service too is that it can support low end mobile phones.

mofuse. This service gives you a choice to either build your site on your own or hire someone to build your site for you if you don’t have the time to personally do things.

bMobilized. With more than 13,000 supported mobile devices, you won’t need to worry then if your site can really be accessed through mobile phones. Furthermore, you get a discount when you’ll use the service when converting several sites.

ConvertWebsite. What’s good with this service is that, it determines first the best redesigning approach applicable to the PSD file of the website being converted.

Mobify. For those who are in e-commerce, it provides the best service imagined. It has HTML5 features and its experts will redesign the site according to client preference.

onbile. If you are really in a haste to convert your website into its mobile versionuse onbile and get things done with only 3 steps in 5 minutes.

Mobile App America. This one is for free and gives better SEO opportunities for the website. But again, it supports limited devices too.

MobStac. This is one of the few services that provide an in-depth monetization plan for mobile sites. This is also HTML5-enabled and supports a variety of themes. However, a backlog is in Beta…