Windows Blue Screen of Death Fix

Nothing is more annoying and frustrating than having your computer system crash down — just when you are very much into doing your work because you have a deadline to meet.

Oh yes, that is just too possible if you’re using an outdated windows system — and even when you’re using the newest windows platforms, tools and APIs, the windows BsOD is something that at times is not correctible.

A little bit on Windows 8. A preview of Windows 8 will show the user that the operating system still has the fundamental features of Windows 7.

The newest OS from Microsoft still share the speed, reliability, security and compatibility qualities of Windows7, making it part of the best operating systems Microsoft has ever programmed.

Other than these features, this OS is built for new touch-optimized interface, with a platform based on new modern web standards.

Windows 8 interface also emphasizes Metro style – something that makes things more fluid, easy to access, simple. Using such OS, you may not need to frequently remember data and where you’ve filed them. Everything can be located immediately as all start with the new start screen system.

All these, are delivered by Microsoft to accommodate the changing landscape of social technologies.

Despite the fact that Windows8 has been created to make things easier for the user, Microsoft still probably has not solved the concerns regarding BsOD cases, for which Microsoft is considered to be infamous for.

What’s new with the BsOD however is that the screen does not just go blue and deliver incomprehensible messages when the OS is about to crash, the screen displays a sad face as well – making things look like Windows 8 is sympathizing with the fact that you are probably about to lose all the information you have stored into the system.

Aside from the sad face, written on the screen too is a simpler message stating that you ran into a problem and you must reboot things.

Compared to the original message asking you a whole lot of things that you do not understand at all, this one’s making things simple for you.

But really, what is so simple about the fact that you’ve just lost some information? Nothing.

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